Why It Is A Good Idea To Pick Lawn Recycling Over Discarding Your Clippings

It's typical for homeowners to gather their lawn clippings after trimming. Whether you rake up the clippings and put them in a garbage bag or have a lawn mower accessory that gets the clippings as you cut, it's a common practice.


The majority of people do this because after cutting, they like to see a pleasant, tidy, even lawn that doesn't have a great deal of rows of clippings lying around. However, bagging the clippings can do more harm than good in more ways than one.


"Grasscycling" involves utilizing the clippings to fertilize the lawn, rather than bagging them. When you mow your lawn, you are left with a lot of finely shredded plant matter that is still loaded with nutrients.


It's not something you want to consume, obviously, however other plants can put them to good usage. They include a great deal of water in addition to other minerals and nutrients that will assist the grass continue to grow.


There are a few methods you can utilize this to your benefit. For instance, if you have a brown spot on your lawn, you can simply spray the clippings over that area.


If you don't have any dead spots, you can simply spread out the clippings throughout your backyard to keep everything nice and healthy. You don't have to worry about them remaining for long, because they will break down into nothing very rapidly.


This way you can also prevent the excessive use of plastic garbage bags, which normally wind up in landfills and add to an ongoing issue of excessive plastic usage. By giving up the use of lots of costly and wasteful bags, you'll guarantee a healthier yard, a healthier environment and keep more money in your pocket.


Another advantage you may not have thought about is that it's so much easier. It can be tedious to walk your yard stooped over, raking leaves to throw in a trash bag.


Even with a lawn mower, it's time-consuming and annoying to keep dumping the clippings. By simply leaving the leaves lying around, you conserve yourself the time and trouble of walking around with a rake and gardening gloves, giving yourself a backache.